Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Season Finale

 I decided since so many TV shows were wrapping up their seasons, I would post about the many things we've been wrapping up lately. I think (I THINK) it's safe to say that we have wrapped up winter. There is still snow on the mountains, but the last of the ski resorts closed for good last weekend. I know last year, there was snow on Memorial Day weekend, but we are not having the same winter Utah had last year. Since my last post, we did have a couple of small snows and one large snow. So the pictures start with snow but end with the warm weather we've been having lately. In March, we had a visit from Jon's parents. Grandma and Grandad were able to see Brighton's ballet class and Will's soccer game. They also went to the Blooming Bash with us, which is a big fundraiser for Will's preschool. It was a great evening and one that we should have pictures from, but there are none! We got all dressed up and there is absolutely no photographic proof! We actually did not take a single picture of Grandma and Grandad while they visited, which is inexcusable! But they did visit, and we had a good time. We were able to get them to the tubing park and to a couple of restraunts from Triple D that we've been wanting to try. Will has since wrapped up his indoor soccer season, but Brighton won't be wrapping up ballet until June. So you can bet there will be a summer post of ballet and preschool graduation pics sooner rather than later. I have been wrapping up some lengthy projects that have kept me from blogging lately. I decided to participate in a consignment sale, so I went through 15+ boxes of baby, toddler, and maternity clothes that I've been hanging on to. It was a long project, but I was able to make some money so it was worth the work. Jon and I also started tackling our yard. I spent many days during spring break weeding and raking and organizing. Jon took a day off, and we had quite the haul of stuff in front of the house for the garbage man. We have a good-sized yard, so it wasn't easy to get it in the shape we wanted. I am happy with it now, but I'm anxious for the planting season to officially begin. I have tomato plants at the ready! During spring break, Will wrapped up having to use training wheels on his bike. He's loving his bike right now! Both Will and Brighton started playing outdoor soccer, and their season just ended last weekend. They each played eight games, which meant we were heading down to four soccer games a week! If you include Brighton's ballet and Will's swimming lessons, we were at Dimple Dell Rec center six times a week. I also run on the track there when the weather is bad, so let's just say we have lived there for the last month. Will wraps up swimming next week, and Jon and I run outside now as much as possible. Maybe we will get to be at home more often now. The weather has been so nice lately that we've started hiking again. We've gone on two different hikes now, and we are planning a hike each weekend if possible. The kids really love it, especially if I pack a lunch as a reward for making it to our planned destination. We went on a Mother's Day hike last weekend. I can honestly say, I wouldn't have minded just relaxing that day. I know, however, that I would only be able to relax if my energetic two, well three actually, had an outlet. It was a nice hike and a great day. So our season finale has not been too eventful, but before I sign off, I want to post for those who haven't seen it our fundraising website. Jon and I have been training to run a half marathon in December with Team Challenge in order to raise money for the CCFA. If you are interested, you can learn more here:

Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for a summer teaser coming soon :)

 In March, we had one last really big snow. The kids had a ball sledding!

 Brighton was actually going down the hill backwards. She has finally become a little more adventerous and even tried the smaller tubing hills when Grandma and Grandad visited in March!

When Daddy got home, it was time for some night sledding!!

Once the snow melted, Brighton cleaned up the snowman accesories and modeled them herself!

 While it was still cold out, Will played indoor soccer. He really enjoyed it, and one of his friends was on the team with him.

 Once the weather started to warm up a bit, we started getting out to parks again. Will loves to bring his scooter, but I don't love that he doesn't know how to use the break and uses his shoe instead!
 Brighton was given a scooter from Will's friend, Aveline., so now she is able to ride too.

 We went for a picnic after church one Sunday at a park in the city. I really did have a good time despite my irritated appearance.

 Will had an Easter hat parade before school let out for Easter break. He decorated his with snakes, alligators, and sharks.

The day he got out for break, he decided he wanted to take his training wheels off. He rode his bike like a pro!

 After church on Easter Sunday, we had a family photo shoot followed by an egg hunt. We were happy to have a much better egg-hunting space this year!

 Brighton loves to give kisses. She calls Will her "Prince" which of course, drives Will crazy. But I think he still gets a kick out of it!

The kids and I spent spring break cleaning up the yard and preparing clothes to sell in a consignment sale. It wasn't exactly the most fun we'd ever had, but we were very productive. I can blame all of these tasks for not having a blog post recently. I also blame soccer!

 Organization day: heading to the fields to meet the coaches on a chilly Saturday morning!
 These are the fields where the kids play soccer. This is also the rec center AKA our second home. Not only is this where we have soccer, but also swimming, ballet, and where we run indoors.Will's preschool is across the street.

 Will did well this season, and we have pictures of several differnt games thanks to Jon.
  Brighton suprised us in how much she enjoyed soccer. She never wanted to take a break during a game!

 Our first hike of the spring: Rocky Mouth Trailhead, which is less than 2 miles from the house.

  Umm....I guess we need to keep an eye out.

 I was nervous about all of the caves, so I kept the kiddos close.

 I suppose this is the Rocky Mouth!

 Great view of the valley and Sandy.

It was a great first hike!
 We waited and waited for the super moon, but it took a long time to rise over the Rockies. I got the kids out of bed because I knew they wouldn't want to miss it!

 Brighton's Final soccer game...yay!!!

 Brighton insisted on wearing a sparkly head band to play soccer!

 Her favorite part of the game was the snack she got at the end.
I don't even think the trophy made the impact that the snack did!

 I have an excessive amount of action shots from Will's last game. I posted so many because Will had so many friends from school on his team. Feel free to copy them from the blog, Hilltop friends!
 Brighton had to jump in front of the camera a few times. And yes, she is wearing dress-up earrings to Will's soccer game.

 Will's coach was a friend of ours, and he had two girls on the team. Will's other school friend was the son of a Real Salt Lake player, so he had some skills for a 5-year-old. Overall, there were quite a few good players on Will's team.
 I think he had the most fun he has ever had playing soccer!
 Instead of relaxing for Mother's Day, we took off on another hike. We headed for Ghost Falls this time.

 We all love to hike, but we went a long way around to get to the falls, perhaps we need to spend some extra time mapping the route beforehand. The signs seemed a bit misleading too!

 Looking back toward the Valley.
 In the distance, (and also visible from space) is the Bingham Copper Mine. Utah produces copper and gold.

 You can just make out the golden steeple of a giant LDS temple too.
 Ghost Falls was not overwhelming, but it was a great spot to stop for a picnic. We spotted this cactus near the falls.

 Not the most restful Mother's Day, but we had a great time. Hiking that long did make for a restful night's sleep!

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